11 Elements Your Website Needs to Get a Good SEO Score

SEO Website ScoreSearch engine optimization (SEO) features are critical factors of success of any online marketing business today. Top search engines like Google deploy different ranking factors in their search algorithms to evaluate websites that would impact the site performance dramatically. Hence, businesses must maximize efforts and resources in securing a strong SEO score on their websites. This could be achieved by focusing on several essential factors. Every website should contain certain elements that would secure higher SEO scores with top search engines.

1 – High Domain Authority Every website is assigned a Domain Authority (DA) which is an indication of the authority depicted by the website. This number increases with the establishment of the site, although an apt application of good backlinks would boost the figure up. A DA score is critical to the website as it would secure a higher page ranking in Google’s SERP listing. There are many relevant research tools in the market such as Open Site Explorer that would determine the DA of a site. A higher DA number is a good indication of the site’s visibility and impact on the market which favors well with top search engines like Google.

2 – Fast Loading Time Most search engines accord a higher ranking to the website if it offers fast loading times. This is pleasing to web visitors who are busy web users. It is natural for a site with slow loading to be ranked lower in the SERP listing as poor online experiences befall the web visitors. The website could be tested on its loading speed using various reliable website speed testing tools or reliable monitoring services in the market. This includes the likes of Pingdom, which reveals the competitiveness of a website with others on its site execution and loading speeds.

3 – Good On-site

Content Good contents boost the worthiness of the site for a higher page ranking accorded by top search engines. Most web users would click on higher ranked URLs which promote better quality contents. This also boosts better SEO for the website, especially if there are good links to such good contents. The demand should increase to boost the number of web visitors to the site.

4 – Right Keywords

Good keywords are not necessarily sufficient to attract target audiences to the business shores, but the right keywords would. This is foundational for all SEO efforts where the best of search marketing strategies is to be implemented. Business owners and marketers need to identify the best approach in conducting keyword research which identifies the right list of keywords related to the content topics and niche.

5 – Quality Backlinks

There are many potential sources on the Internet and online market to attract potential leads to the business. When reputed industry authorities are known to link to a particular website for its contents, search engines would also view that site favorably. With the right number of high-quality backlinks at the site, more potential web traffic could be generated. A backlink from an authorized market leader or industry expert site is highly instrumental in boosting SEO scores by search engines for higher ranking.

6 – Outbound Links

Good contents could also be linked to reputed sites where web fans and followers could gain more information. These are outbound links which business owners and marketers could secure in a win-win marketing situation that would establish the brand and company in the market quickly. Outbound links help to boost the relevancy of contents to be promoted while sending reliable signals to search engines for higher SEO score.

7 – Mobile-Friendliness

Another strong SEO score contender is the mobile friendliness feature of websites. This is in line with Google’s shift towards mobile technology with the dynamic mobile-first indexing where Google favors the mobile responsiveness of the site as more web users are getting on the Internet via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The business site whose contents are constantly upgraded and maintained to be mobile friendly and mobile responsive would be favored by top search engines on SEO scores.

8 – Robots.txt

File A dynamic SEO website must include a robots.txt file to enjoy higher SEO scores with top search engines. However, webmaster must remember that this file will not disallow the search engine crawlers from indexing various critical sections of the website so that the relevant information could still be identified and indexed for higher page ranking.

9 – Meta Content

A site should include two primary meta content types; these are page title and meta description. These components should be properly put in place for a correct navigation of the home page as well as for viewing the source code. Webmasters need to be familiar with the use of CTRL + F function and the search function for including the meta title and meta tag as well as its description for better searches.

10 – Header Tags

The header tags are just as important as the meta content for higher SEO scores. A well-planned SEO site should contain at least one header tag. Many sites prefer to include more than one to allow a proper flow of contents in their article presentation.

11 – Social Sharing Functions

With the strong influence of social media today, it is not surprising that social sharing buttons must be included on the site to allow users and visitors to share the site contents while enhancing their online experience. It is possible to expand the business mailing list this way as every web user or visitor holds the key to influence many potential business leads.


The SEO factor is also a dynamic component of online marketing in this era where technologies rapidly change. Search engines like Google are steadily but strongly pushing for such factors in websites to ensure better delivery to web users. Hence, business owners and marketers need to secure good SEO scores that would give businesses the green light of approval.

This attracts more potential business leads and customers to their shores. With the right elements set in place, a business is poised to flow ahead of its competition with stronger SEO scores and higher positions in the SERP listings.

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